About Us

Tilly's Hounds & Supplies is owned by Jim VanTilburg. Jim has been a lifelong fox and coyote hunter. He was the founder and former president of VanTilburg Farms Inc. A family owned agriculture related business that includes a 4500 acre corn & soybean operation, an ag retail division that includes a grain elevator and sells crop inputs and application services. They applied 90,000 tons of poultry litter in 2012 and service a 100 mile radius. the operation also includes an excavation division (VTF Excavation) that has the capability to do anything from field tiling to road building. VTF Excavation has five crews employed. Jim retired from the family business in 2009 so that his three sons, Matt, Kyle, and Luke could run things without Dad looking over their shoulders.

Jim spent the next couple of years remodeling his Dad and Grandpa's old barn into a state of art Man Cave, Party Barn, Horse Stable, and Dog Kennels. Most weekends will find Jim, Wife Brenda and their Grand daughter and a neighbor girl or two on the road with their RV with a horse trailer on behind heading to a barrel race horse show in the area. He normally has between 15 to 30 coyote dogs of various ages and training levels in the kennel at all times. He thoroughly enjoys starting pups in the training enclosure. He has always been an "early adapter", second person in the world to own a GPS RTK auto steer combine. when Garmin introduced the GPS dog tracking system, Jim owned one of the first systems. He realized all his hunting buddies would soon be purchasing a GPS system, so he made arrangements to become a dealer. Over the years he sold many units over the country to coyote hunters that he became known to.

In 2013 he decided to launch a web site to make it easier for his customers to purchase "dog supplies" from him. The web site also allows him to show case some of his dogs. His Son, Matt raises Drahthaars that he uses for bird hunting, duck, geese, pheasant,etc.Jim is anxious to add a Drahthaar to his coyote pack.  

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